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U P C O M I N G      LifeCAST:
Diversity,Success, &Happiness....


Variety and Choice, Options, and Change

Aug 28, 2021

 ...the fruit of       Apology &       Forgiveness

Art - Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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This podcast is dedicated to SEARCHING for, LEARNING about, then APPLYING and PRACTICING,


We live in the most amazing time in the history of this planet, we have so much to be grateful for!  Lets get together and see what we can create as we rivet ourselves - and our friends - to not only learn, BUT 

- Practice & Apply -


These amazing principles, there is nothing we cannot accomplish!

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Dr. Packard, here! 

I am a Husband, Father, practicing Chiropractor for the last 17 years, and a follower of Christ.  I love life, people, and the experiences I have every day - not all of them good, by the way -  but these experiences help me GROW. They help me BECOME something.  I have learned some mysteries - life secrets and principles - that have allowed all my life experiences - even the bad ones - to elevate me and those around me. 

This blog is dedicated to communicating those principles, continuing to practice them...

AND to learning even more! 

Lets do it together... Join me!

Improve... patiently... but always improve!

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